So the story goes..

Photo of the moon is one of Newcastle’s most mystifying talents. The alternative art-folk brainchild of Byren Sawell, Photo of the moon is the successor to his self-tilted solo project. 
In recent years he has been winning crowds over with his trademark vocal style and dynamic guitar wielding.


Sawell was born to a pair of paint slinging visual artists who would lull him to sleep with the sounds of Jeff Buckley and John Lee Hooker. Growing up he studied theatre and film while teaching himself music and production on the side. Inspired by the DIY ethos of self-made artists such as Bon Iver, Kate Bush, Neutral Milk Hotel and the Black Keys, he began to write and record his own music at the age of 17.


In 2015 Sawell wrote and recorded his first solo album ‘In Solitude, Least Alone’, pressing 500 copies and selling them in bars, pubs, weird dusty halls, tiny festivals, living rooms, markets and streets all across the country, solidifying himself as a hard working independent artist within Australia’s underground music scene.


Soon after, Sawell was joined by a group of talented musicians, performing high energy live shows down the east coast of Australia, whilst also recording an EP ‘Least Alone, Most Alive.’ 
In 2019 he set off for Europe, touring throughout Germany after a well-received performance at an open-mic in Hamburg’s Pony Bar.


Upon returning to Australia, Sawell was poised to create a vibrant and cerebral body of work imbued with voracity, tenderness, and sophistication. And so, Photo of the Moon was born. 
No longer a strictly solo undertaking, Photo of the Moon is now collaborating across artistic disciplines, breathing new life and changing the voice of the project.


With two singles, music videos, and more on the horizon, 2020 is Photo of the Moon’s year to shine.