Photo of the Moon is a soulful and raw indie-folk quartet based in Mulubinba (Newcastle, Australia). The band is comprised of vocalist and guitarist Byren Sawell, drummer Tim Evans, bassist and keys player Brandon Yarnold, and Emi Day, whose ethereal vocals add a haunting dimension to their sound.

 Their music defies easy categorisation, blending elements of folk, post-rock, and experimental music with a hint of jazz. At the core of their music lies a deep emotional resonance that speaks to audiences on a profound level. With their powerful performances, Photo of the Moon creates a cathartic experience that leaves listeners feeling moved and transformed. 

Drawing from their personal experiences, the band's music invites listeners to delve deep into their own understanding of self, finding healing and connection. The dynamic interplay between Byren's intriguing songwriting sensibilities and remarkable vocal range, Tim's genius on the drums, Brandon's masterful handling of bass and keys, and Emi's enchanting vocals creates a sound that is both expansive and intimate. 

As a band, Photo of the Moon is committed to putting everything they have into every performance, leaving nothing behind. With their potent and passionate music, they continue to captivate audiences and create an unforgettable experience for all who listen.